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A Path out of Poverty

Those closest to the problem are closest to the solution. Social change can only be created through involving local communities in the value chain. At GreenChar, we have work with local communities in Kenya through our CBO (community-based organization), our non-profit arm that provides local communities with meaningful paths out of poverty.

Eco-Kiosks: Putting Women at the Forefront

Eco-Kiosks are small energy kiosks operated by women entrepreneurs in urban slums and small towns across Kenya. Eco-Kiosk entrepreneurs are trained on financial literacy and sales strategies, empowering them with the skills that they need to not only sell GreenChar products like Makaa Poa but also other clean energy products like solar lamps and clean cookstoves. Eco-Kiosks generate $300 in revenue months and the operators make over $80 a month, more than 200% more income than what they normally make.

Distributed Factories: Offer Youth Employment

We work with the youth to source, produce and package our Makaa Poa briquettes. Most of the youth, who have not graduated from high-school, are taught technical skills and financial literacy. This model allows us to offer them meaningfull employment opportunities that they would have otherwise not had access to.

Why It Works