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Makaa Poa (meaning “cool charcoal” in Swahili) is GreenChar’s trademarked brand for cooking purposes for primarily for households and institutions, such as restaurants, hotels, and schools.

Greenchar’s Makaa Poa Briquettes

Every 1 Ton of Makaa Poa = 25 Trees Saved!

Makaa Poa offers households a sustainable alternative to charcoal. For every tonne of Makaa Poa consumed, an institution protects 25 trees from being chopped down. This also reduces the carbon footprint of the institution, with 5000 kg of carbon emissions conserved for every tonne of Makaa Poa.

Greenchar’s Makaa Poa Briquettes

All year round!

Since Makaa Poa is produced from sugarcane waste, it is available year round, without shortages due to rain. Unlike the variations in quality and moisture found in charcoal, Makaa Poa has a standard and reliable quality. GreenChar can be trusted to deliver by our customer’s deadline.

Greenchar’s Makaa Poa Briquettes

More Efficient!

Makaa Poa lasts longer and burns at a higher heat than conventional charcoal, thereby allowing the user to conserve fuel and money. Based on over 50 tests in schools and restaurants across the country, half of the volume of Makaa Poa achieves the same cooking results as charcoal.

Greenchar’s Makaa Poa Briquettes

Healthy cooking!

Makaa Poa comes pre-cut in 2-kg bags. It is nearly smokeless, which reduces the risk of contracting respiratory illnesses. Additionally, the reduced smoke keeps kitchens cleaner with less residue staining the walls.

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